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 Wool Rugs

Used for thousands of years wool rugs are known for their warmth, comfort and durability. Our rugs are made from the highest quality wool yarns with a natural bounce-back that make it hard to flatten and distort them. Your rug will maintain its richness of colour and texture and look beautiful for many years to come. Wool is also incredibly environmentally friendly, as it is grown organically and is naturally biodegradable. It will compost easily, meaning you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.

Choose one of our wool rugs to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and add a cosy feel to your room. With a depth and softness that will make you want to take off your shoes and indulge in the moment.
‘Delighted to find this rug shop and wool rugs for sale online as I had been looking for a wool rug for a long time. Tremendous selection of quality rugs and exceptional quality. Highly recommended.’