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 Jute Rugs

Our Jute rugs are made from a completely natural fibre produced using the plant’s stalk, which makes them beautifully soft and kind to skin. And because they are all-natural you can rest assured that you are making the best decision in purchasing something non-toxic and also great value for money. Being pet friendly is also a particular bonus as they are pretty much maintenance-free and are easy to clean.  

We ensure only the finest elements are used in the manufacturing process and each rug is skillfully handmade. Perfect for adding a natural element to your room, this range of Jute rugs will blend in with any décor, or by choosing one of our herringbone-patterned vibrant selections, you can make a spectacular statement to any room. Mixed with wool, cotton yarn or chenille you will find something that will not only add simplicity and a welcoming feel to your space but also give you that soft sensual feel, that’ll make the stresses of the day melt away.