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Flatweave Rugs

Rugs are without a doubt, one of the most important additions when choosing your home décor.  They are intended for not only decorative purposes but also functionality and comfort.  Our collection of flatweave rugs have been crafted using parallel running fibres which makes up the entire surface of the rug. They are sturdy and attractive and work extremely well in high traffic areas, such as kitchens, diners and kids’ rooms. 

If you are looking to replace that heavy rug for something more practical, our flatweave rugs are a perfect choice. Being so light, you can easily move them around your home, creating a new look time after time. They are also ideal for placing heavy objects on as they will withstand furniture, playtime and even the wear and tear caused by your favourite pet. 

“I purchased a stunning flatweave rug from Rugs4Decor.  It looks beautiful in my bedroom and is so comfortable to stand on.  Thank you, I will be buying from you again in the future”