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Indoor/ Outdoor rugs

When it comes to outdoor rugs it is important to find something hardwearing, durable and high performance. Our range of stylish rugs are highly absorbent meaning they have the ability to trap dust, wet mud and dirt. Your favourite pet’s paws are cleaned before even entering the house, and the dirt caught in shoe treads is removed, reducing the amount of cleaning you are required to do.

Our new range is also ultra-absorbent, as the special cotton in them soaks up moisture, which in turn reduces slip hazards from wet floors. Designed with today\'s busy family lives in mind, our collection showcases rugs that are suitable for porches, kitchens, entryways and more. Being versatile and easy to wash and dry makes them versatile and a perfect addition to your home. 

Create an outdoor oasis with the choices we have on offer here. There is something for every taste and budget.  

‘We ordered a rug online and had it delivered to our home. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase! Excellent value for money as the rug looks way more expensive than what I paid. Definitely recommending to friends.’