It’s amazing what a plain rug can do for your home. We may call this our plain collection but when it comes to the finished look in your space, the results are anything but!

Our plain rugs come in a whole host of colours, textures and shapes and can be used in your home to enhance any space. We have thick rugs, fluffy rugs, distressed rugs, round rugs, square rugs, durable rugs and textured rugs in any colour you can imagine. To bring warmth and comfort into a cold room, choose from shaggy rugs in every shade from soft white to deep purple. Add a pop of colour into a drab dining room with a brightly coloured rectangular rug under your table – or calm down a busy space with a neutral hue. Plain rugs can also be used to create zones in open plan areas.

As with all our rug collections, we’ve been sure to select products that are both beautiful and high in quality. Browse our tried and tested collection of plain rugs…

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