Shaggy rugs never go out of style, and in our shaggy rugs collection we’ve brought together the most gorgeous products we could find to add timeless décor to your home. Sinking your toes into a fluffy rug is pure delight and we’ve made sure that every product in our shaggy rugs collection is super luxurious – as well as being of the highest quality in UK.

Shaggy rugs can be made from a number of materials from fine, shiny microfibre yarn to thick, deluxe natural wool. You can also select from medium or long pile, depending on just how fluffy you want your rug to be! We’ve filled our collection with colour and texture – with plain, multi-coloured and even patterned shaggy rugs.

As one of the most popular rug choices, it’s no surprise that our shaggy rugs collection is one of our largest – with literally hundreds of different styles to choose from. So get stuck in and pick your perfect shaggy rug in UK.

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