Natural fibre rugs come with a huge number of benefits, making them a versatile choice for your home. Our natural fibres collection includes jute rugs, seagrass rugs, cotton rugs and blended fibre rugs and runners.

If you need a floor covering that is hardwearing and durable, natural fibre rugs are a great option. Flat weave rugs are particularly long lasting and are excellent for kitchens, hallways and other busy areas in your home.

Natural fibre rugs can tie in with every design style. They are particularly well suited to modern, minimalist interiors but they also look great paired with warm, rustic and traditional décor.

We’ve picked out a selection of natural fibre rugs in a range of colours to compliment your interior design or flooring. As well as pure and simple plain rugs, the collection includes subtle stripes and patterns, as well as dyed-rugs to add a touch of elegance. Discover your ideal natural fibre rug below:

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