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Why you should invest in a rug

Why you should invest in a rug


Why you should invest in a rug


A rug can completely transform any room in your home and also has several practical benefits, such as warming and brightening up the room, through to reducing noise.

A lot of homes now come without carpets.  With so many stylish, designer hard floorings available, it is no wonder people are opting for rugs as an alternative.  Hard floors look amazing, but you will likely miss the warmth and comfort on your feet.

At Rugs4Decor, we believe that when you are considering your home décor, you should own at least one rug and this is why!

Financial benefit

As previously mentioned, you may have chosen wooden flooring or laminate, or perhaps you purchased your new home and they were already in place.  Moving home or redecorating can be a strain on your finances.  If you have a strict budget, rugs are the best option.

Brightens the darkest of rooms

As attractive and modern as hardwood and laminate flooring is, they can make a room look dark, typically if you have areas lacking in natural lighting.  By choosing a vibrant, patterned runner rug you will be adding colour. Rugs are extremely versatile.  They are usually lightweight and can be moved to alternative rooms in your house if you want a change.

Choice of colours 

With so many colours and designs to choose from, you can almost guarantee there will be a rug to suit your existing colour scheme.  They can be used to divide a large room whilst creating a theme, and you can reposition it at any stage.  You may want to change your colour scheme or pile with the seasons, by purchasing two rugs, you can switch them around throughout the year.

Creates a welcoming environment

When you have friends or family over for a visit, the first thing they see if the entryway.  Rugs will serve two purposes.  Firstly, they will be visually pleasing, but they are also ideal in preventing the outdoors from being bought in from natural elements.


If you have young children or a toddler who is just learning to walk, rugs are the perfect solution.  Especially if you have hardwood flooring, a rug will create the ideal area to protect your precious baby from hurting themselves.  Plus, it will give your little one somewhere to play comfortably.

Cover up existing issues

If you haven’t got round to sorting out a chipped floor tile, or perhaps a stain that won’t budge, a rug is the perfect quick fix.  Rugs are so durable that even if you decide to fix the imperfection, it can be moved to another room.  

Easier cleaning

A rug, no matter the size, is far easier to maintain and clean them regularly than fitted carpets.  Simply take out the vacuum and clean up dust and dirt.  When it comes to a deeper clean, you can use baking soda as a homemade solution, or hire a carpet cleaner.

Protection for your existing flooring

If you have spent a lot of money on wood flooring, you will want it to last for as long as possible.  A rug is ideal for protecting your floors from the constant traffic of people, accidental spills and general wear and tear.

Reducing noise

This can be a big issue, especially if you have young children.  It may be that they are in their bedroom playing their favourite instrument, or running and jumping about like most children do.  By placing a thick rug in their room, you will be surprised how much it will reduce annoying noises.

Apart from the fact rugs have practical benefits, if your room is missing that special something, by picking out a beautiful rug from our range, you will be creating a warm, comfortable and stylish environment.